Welcome to Male Strippers Exposed, quite frankly the internet's largest and arguably best site dedicated to the naked, muscular, pumped-up glory of male strippers.

My love for male strippers began many many years ago, in 1999 when I was lucky enough to see Andy King performing live in a local pub which had recently introduced Friday night male strippers. I was simply amazed at the spectacle of this big muscle man stripping naked and letting the audience rub Johnson's Baby Lotion into his cock. I must have led a sheltered life, but this was very exciting to me in a trashy kind of way.

The following week, the same pub introduced me to the then 21-year-old Double Impact, who has since become my All Time Favourite Male Stripper Ever. And it wasn't only me that loved him, as he was voted Stripper of the Year 1999. He's still stripping too, and looking as good as ever.

Over the years I've seen all the great male strippers - Stallion, All the Way Jay, Adonis Cabaret, the Dreamboys, Angel, Black Stallion, Paul Grant, Billy Blue Eyes, Rebel Red, Willy The Kid, Fabio, Johnny Anglais, JJ O'Neil, Mr Physique, Max Hunter, Nico, Saracen, Outlaw, Stallion, The Wanderer, and many more who's names I don't remember; sometimes it all just merges into a blur of vacuum-pumped penises.

However, it struck me around 2006 that with the exception of the Loverboys, the internet was seemingly devoid of decent sites about male strippers, and so I decided to share my collection of male stripper videos on my blog Stripperboyz.

Around the same time I discovered the wide world of male strippers beyond the UK, which was surprising to me as I was under the impression male strippers in other countries don't do the full monty, but that's not entirely true; male strippers in South America and Spain show everything. Curiously, American male strippers, Russian male strippers and a lot of European male strippers keep the goodies covered. I've never really understood that, but hey ho, some of those Latino strippers are literally amazing.

Unfortunately, the blog format presented many limitations, and although blogspot allowed video uploads, they were only 320x240, which ultimately led me to create this site in 2009, Straight Lads Exposed in 2010, and Real Naked Athletes in 2011.

We launched with 900 male stripper videos and the promise of a daily update. Five years later, we have over 2,000 male stripper videos (many of them now in HD), over 10,000 pictures, and our daily update is still going strong. No other male stripper site has as many videos of as many strippers, or updates as frequently as Male Strippers Exposed. That's why we're the best male stripper site on the internet.

We do it best, because we love male strippers!.

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