Picture it: Northern England, 1999. Me, a young gay, in a local gay bar ready to watch Marco, a "male exotic dancer," perform. And perform he did - mostly with his dick and some whipped cream. As I recall, I think he showed his anus too. Anyway, it was fucking amazing and my interest was peaked. Some other things were peaked too, but that was the main one.

Over the next few years my friends and I were lucky enough to see all of the local male strippers - yes, there's such a thing as local male strippers - including the classic hunks like Stallion, Double Impact and Rebel Red, as well as lesser known but equally great guys like Eclipse and Saracen, who to this day remains my all time favourite male stripper (my friend tried to suck his cock on stage).

It was all very amazing, and by the time broadband had arrived, I was ready to launch a male stripper fansite, which eventually become my blog StripperBoyz. However, the blogspot format was quite limited; it ran too slowly when the pages were too large, and videos were only hosted at 320x240. It was also extremely difficult to create the layouts I wanted, so I eventually decided a proper video site was the answer.

Thus, my twin sites of Male Strippers Exposed and Straight Lads Exposed were launched in 2010 and 2011, and have been online ever since. We've had our server crash dramas (two so far), but we're still here after a decade and literally tens of thousands of videos.

And the hunks keep coming - there's always a new stripper to keep things exciting, guys like the magnificent Max Hunter, Ashley Fox, Teddy Steel, Danny Blue, the UK Pleasure Boys, the Dreamboys, and many more. Some may even argue that the new generation are hotter than the hunks from the post-Full Monty explosion.

British strippers definitely rule the roost, they may not be the best looking but they're certainly the most prolific and without doubt the filthiest. Curiously, American strippers rarely show their dicks and nor do most strippers in Europe, but when you get to Spain and South America, things get amazing again. Long term readers of StripperBoyz will have fond memories of Lucas from Morena Disco I'm sure, and Mexican gay bars like Grammy Discotheque and Spartacus Neza have some of the most premium stripper dick in the world.

So what are you waiting for, sign the fuck up!

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